Your sponsored child will love receiving a letter from you.

How to write to your child

Your sponsored child would love to receive a letter from you. A photo of you will be treasured as well. Please read these instructions for writing to you child.  All letters to your sponsored child must be sent direct to our Rwanda Office. If you send them to the UK office, we will return them to you.

You should address them as follows:

The RSVP Trust
c/o ANLM, B P 3351

Please do not include your address or phone or number in correspondence to your sponsored child.

Please do not send packages to your sponsored child. Many packages go missing in the post and our staff are charged upto £10 per item to collect from the post office.

It is far better to choose a gift from our gift page that can be bought for the child in Rwanda.

Monetary gifts (ie: cheques) must be sent through the UK office - Please write your child reference number on the back of the cheque, payable to: ‘RSVP Trust’.

If you make a direct bank transfer for a gift, please email us the date and amount and the child reference number so we can find it in our accounts.

Receiving letters from your child

You should receive one or two letters each year from your child, as well as a Christmas card with an up to date photo of your child.

Children usually write after receiving a gift from our gift page too.

The children write in small groups at school and letters are usually collected and sent to the UK in batches.

We are trying to move over to using email for these letters but we are still in a transition stage at the moment.

Where we receive a child's letter by email, we will send it to you as a PDF attachment to an email.

Sometimes there are hundreds of letters to process and then it may be more logistically efficient just to post the letters out. But where possible we will use email. 

Please make sure we have your up to date, and active, email address so you don't miss any letters or information about your sponsorship from us.

If you don't receive any letters from your child

If you don't receive any letters from your child for a long period of time, please contact us and let us know. We will issue a request to Rwanda for the child to write to you.

On rare occasions, for example if the child was absent from school on letter writing day, they may miss sending a letter and this can lead to you not having communication for some time.

If you have any concerns about letters, gifts or anything else about your child sponsorship, please contacts us so we can try and resolve any issues you may have with the sponsorship.