Don Egan is the founder of RSVP Trust. 

He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa over several decades.

Don trained with Church Army and worked in Anglican parishes for 11 years in Manchester and Suffolk.

In 1993 and 1994, he visited the Philippines and then Africa, and this led him to form the RSVP Trust.

He pioneered the Child Sponsorship project, House of MercyGifts of HopeSanitary Pads and other projects.

He is the author of twenty five or so books, mostly on spirituality, healing, and personal development.

He has been involved in the training and mentoring of leaders for decades, and has also spoken at conferences, churches and other events for over three decades.

Don shares discussion starters for churches and small groups, and also in his monthly emails.



Alison Fenning is an itinerant evangelist, who has travelled extensively in the UK and overseas bringing people to Christ. She holds a BA (Hons) in Biblical studies and cross cultural mission.

She is a frequent traveller to Africa and leads teams to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

Preaching and teaching
Alison is a very gifted communicator and regularly speaks in churches, conferences, prisons and at evangelistic events in the UK and overseas.

Alison's passionate about equipping the Church for mission. She has successfully set up various ministries in the UK and overseas to mobilise people into mission, Leadership trainingRSVP Chaplaincy and a network for evangelists. 

Alison is also an Associate of J John and the Philo Trust and also of Luis Palau Next Generation Alliance evangelists.


  • We suggest an honorarium of at least £100 plus expenses per session.

  • A session is speaking once at an event. Speaking twice is two sessions, so that would be £200 plus expenses.

  • We incur travel expenses at 30p per mile from Stowmarket, Suffolk and back.

  • If overnight accommodation is required, it will be booked by RSVP and cost £60 per night.

  • We would love you to consider making a donation to our work as well.


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