Voices out of darkness - Francine's story

Before Francine found the Freedom Project, she was a prostitute and she would meet men so she could afford to buy food.

Last year she met someone from the church where the project is run in Kigali, Rwanda, and they told her it was possible to live another way of life. They suggested that she should go to the church and they could teach her how to sew.

She went along and decided she would be born again. She made up her mind that she would never go back to her old way of life.

Now she makes her own clothes, and clothes for others. She has learnt new skills and she can feed her family. The Freedom Project has given her so much hope for her future.

Thank you RSVP supporters, it is because of people like you that we are able to run projects like this, and help to transform lives of people like Francine.

To find out more about The Freedom Project Click here.

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