Sacred Space Update

Our Sacred Space outreach has been full on over the last 13 weeks supporting women over the lockdown period in the UK.

We have had our regular women whom we have continued to support each week via social media, phone calls and so on and then we have had new women trying to leave difficult situations they have found themselves in.

One woman had a phone conversation after explaining about the power of prayer to help to bring peace. Whilst praying with the women over the phone, she said she experienced peace like never before and a calmness in her mind that had previously been racing.

This woman wasn’t a Christian but was prepared to learn how to pray. We are currently trying to find her a local group of Christians to get around her to bring nurturing and practical help when needed.

This is just one story of many from the last 13 weeks of lockdown. People are really struggling with the effects of isolation and fearing for the future so we are able to journey with them through darker times we all find ourselves in at the moment.

Last year Alison connected with Lavish UK a ministry in Newmarket. Since then Alison and Melissa, the co-ordinator of Lavish have been producing some Podcasts where they chat together. Over the Lockdown they have worked on some specific topics to do with the effects of Covid-19 and those women connected to Sacred Space have been sent the recordings which have helped them navigate things such as fear and how to reset your life post lockdown.

We are looking forward to emerging out of lockdown and figuring out how we move forward with Sacred Space, whilst remaining safe and complying with government guidelines. Please

keep praying for those we are connected to and for Alison as she navigates the growth in the ministry.

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