Go Rwanda 2019

Our Go Rwanda trip was a roaring success in many ways. Better than we could have imagined. For Tim this is one of the “best experiences of his life.”

Below are some photos and stories from our visit.

Richard, Tim & Alison at the airport on the way to Rwanda

To be able to take people on mission in this way and watch God at work is something I am passionate about. After all this is how I came to faith myself. When a vicar took me on a team to Uganda 21 years ago it opened the door to much needed change, meeting Jesus and my future call. Taking someone out of their context can impact their life in many ways.

It is always great to give people the opportunity. Go Rwanda is designed for those who can’t come for a longer time due to family or working commitments.

Tim was able to meet his families sponsored child and her family. They live in the middle of nowhere. Through sponsoring the child, the family is able to be helped as well. We gave the family a gift of hope of food maize, rice and beans and basic cooking things such as oil, matches. The amount of food we took will feed the family for three months which helps dramatically when you are stuck in poverty.

Tim Meeting with his sponsored child and family

One of the purposes for Go Rwanda is so that we can give people an opportunity to encounter God in a different culture. New Life Church in Kigali has half night of prayer and praise so we immersed ourselves into their way of encountering God. I was able to speak a message that I have been preaching across the UK this year “Healed or Haunted.” 

The team loved the worship and prayer as it is African style all in one room praying at the same time. Around 300 people attend most Friday evenings.

Alison and Tim distributing Gifts of Hope

We visited families in Kayonza village where the school is based. Many of those people are extremely poor so we were able to be a real blessing to them through our generous supporters.

One lady had five children, one is sponsored and older so he stays at friends most nights. She had one bench to sit on in her sitting room and one mattress and mosquito net to sleep under. Her husband had died and now she is alone trying to survive. We gave her enough food for three months and brought mattress and nets. This does not solve her problems but helps takes the pressure off a little as a Gift of Hope.

Rural Church is part of the experience so Sunday morning we went to Bugersera Church where Tim had lots of fun dancing in praise and worship for the first time and I was able to preach. At one point, I even noticed someone with a chair above their head in praise. I have a long standing ongoing relationship with this Church. They are always wanting input and really grasp the things of God. Great to see and experience how other cultures and people connect with God and take something for ourselves to build on. Then the key is to keep that which God has given you and remain in the freedom back home.

I was able to spend time with our team on the ground who run the Freedom Project, our sewing training project that helps women leave prostitution. They have a tough job, helping a woman transition from street life is not easy, often the women are addicted to all sorts, angry and chaotic so it is hard for them to settle into a new routine and feel secure in themselves.

It takes time and constant love as part of this healing process so meeting with the team to say thank you and listen to them is vital on each trip. As the visionary for this outreach it is always amazing to spend time getting to know the women on the program and share some teaching to build their faith up whilst they are transitioning.

Alison Fenning

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