Freedom Project Graduation 2018

In February this year Alison visited this group of women (above) as they began their time on the Freedom Project.

RSVP mentors and trains small groups of women involved in prostitution in tailoring. 

This provides the women with an alternate way of earning money and to also avoid the dangers and abuses they risk as sex workers.

This week Alison and Beckie attended their graduation (below). It was quite the celebration, with singing and dancing. Each of the women who have completed the course were presented with a certificate, one of the women also shared thanks on behalf of the group. Everyone shared a cake and a drink together after some words of encouragement from Alison.

Our aim is to be able to give each of these women a sewing machine by the end of the year. The women will then be able to set up their own sewing business making and fixing clothes for people in their communities, enabling them to buy food for their family and pay their rent. 

This project really does transform womens lives, and the lives of their children. 

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