Found yourself with some time to read..?

As you may know, we have a selection of books available. Some of these are available on amazon for your kindle.

You can find all the links on our books page.

Some examples of what you'll find..

A word about your healing

This book explores what the Bible says about healing and has been used by many people to stir up their faith and see real improvements in their health. Don shares his journey of learning about how to pray for healing and attacking sickness with faith-filled prayer.

Healing is coming

Answering many frequently asked questions and with prayers for healing and simple guide to being healed and praying for others. With chapters on the roots of sickness, the source of healing, healing of the body, healing of the heart and healing of the soul, this new book explores the subject of Christian healing in detail - all in Don’s down to earth style.

Our office is currently closed due to the current global pandemic, so orders for some of the paperbacks will obviously be delayed, but you will be able to access and download any of the kindle versions at anytime.

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