Food for the women of the Freedom Project

Women from RSVP Freedom project in Kigali, Rwanda have been given food.

Rwanda has been in a strict lockdown due to Coronavirus, and people have been unable to work to earn money for food. RSVP has been able to help the women from the project get some beans, rice, maize flour and oil to help feed them & their families.

"They were so happy because they were so hungry! This food is like manna to their life. They thank you!"

There were a few who couldn't make it to the church as they were distributing the food, but the team were able to deliver some to them at their homes too.

Below is a short video with Evan, Jordan & one of the women, taking about how much the freedom project has changed her life, and how grateful she is for this gift of food.

To find out more about the Freedom Project, and how you can help to support it, please click here.

Thank you RSVP supporters! Your donations really do help to transform lives!

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