End of an era

Last week we were saddened to hear of Pastor Enock's death.

Pastor Enock was one of our partners in Rwanda, we will sadly miss him.

We have enjoyed a ten year friendship of pioneering leadership training and helping women become free of addictions through the Freedom Project.

He was a leader of leaders and spiritual father to many. A unique combination of an evangelist heart and apostolic gifting on him with huge faith and focus.

We enjoyed a genuine friendship even when we were not on mission in Rwanda, often speaking about God and praying for each other. We will greatly miss him and yet have grown so much through our partnership.

We are a kingdom people and he would want us all to continue the mission and so we will follow in his footsteps. He has left us big footsteps to walk in.

Our heart is with his family and we continue to pray and encourage them in the ministry.

We are able to continue the Freedom project through new arrangements.

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