Chasing your dreams

We had a great Sunday morning in Rwanda last week - via zoom. Normally I would travel this time of year to be there in person.Thankfully through the gift of technology we have been able to adapt for now to keep the relationships with those we work with on the ground in Rwanda and Uganda.

People need encouraging at this time as we all do. We have not forgotten them but are very much committed to be on the journey with them.

I was able to bring a new message I have been working on about “Chasing your dreams” now is not the time to give up. We had nearly 40 people who joined us on zoom and took part in reflective questions and answers session afterwards. People are hungry to hear teaching and long for the connection with God at a deeper level. We loved being with the people. It’s so encouraging that we can remaining the vision together.

After our first conference morning last year via zoom to Rwanda and Burundi I have taken notice of what the leaders expressed that many of the people who used to be in Church have left and don’t want to come back. They have become disappointed. People are struggling with lack of work, lack of food, not getting medical needs mets. Everything the western world is wrestling with alongside the added extra of living day to day to survive as many do in rural contexts with no savings to fall back on.

They may feel that God has abandoned them. In response to this we are putting on conference days for leaders to equip and build them up to go out and bring healing amongst the people. We plan to focus on this for this coming year. Our first conference day this year is booked for the 20th February in Uganda. We are preparing and organising now for this.

Alison Fenning

Please do pray with us and support this vital work on the ground as we pioneer.

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