One of our core values at RSVP is to help the poor. We usually do this through projects termed as 'development'. Things like Child Sponsorship and the Freedom Project are development - making a transformation over a period of time.

However, some people don’t have time for long term development to make a difference. 

They are starving now. 

They are dying of AIDS now. 

They are sleeping on a dirt floor now.

Their poverty is so acute they need emergency help right away. We can’t solve all their problems but we want to give them something that will give them some hope.

Thanks to the generosity of our partners and supporters, we have been able to distribute food and bedding to those in extreme poverty during every mission trip for over 15 years now.

This video shows a few of the people we visited with Gifts of Hope.

If you would like to bring some hope to those in desperate need, please support our work.

£7 will provide emergency food for a few days
£17 will buy some bedding
£29 will buy a mattress
£43 will buy a goat

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