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Pilgrim's Digress

by Don Egan

“Brilliant read! I couldn't put the book down.”

Don Egan was feeling restless and wanted to ponder the meaning of life. So he got in his car and drove over 2,700 miles around Britain for two weeks. He headed down to Land’s End and then meandered all the way up to John O’Groats and then back to Suffolk. 

He met up with old friends, made new friends and thought about lost friends. 

He revisited places that seemed to have some spiritual significance, and sometimes found significance where he least expected it. 

Like many of us, Don is bored by traffic jams, irritated by loud people and frustrated when there’s no Wifi. But he takes these everyday experiences, as well as the bigger challenges of life, and makes us think a little harder about them. 

He sees the spiritual in the everyday, while still keeping his feet firmly on the ground. 

Heartwarming and humourous, poignant and unexpected, this story may inspire you on your own journey.

“Scattered with really funny laugh out loud moments. I loved it.”
“Funny, Emotional and thought provoking.”
“It will make you feel good!”

Available in paperback and on Kindle.

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Jaded Heart 

by Don Egan

Jaded Heart is the story of love, loss, grief, addiction and recovery.

After the sudden death of his parents and his son, thirty years ago, Don Egan spent decades looking for personal peace.

This book shares his personal journey through trying to cope with loss, addictive behaviour and coping mechanisms.

After three decades he has finally come to a place of greater peace and shares the journey in this very honest account.

Jaded Heart will help those struggling with loss and grief and addictions.

"This is an amazing book written with honesty and integrity. I have just recommended this book to all my friends. This book spoke deeply into my life and I am thankful that Don had the courage to write it. His honesty is as refreshing as it is challenging." - Rev Kerry Dixon - Dundee

Available in Paperback and on Kindle.

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Walking with God

by Alison Fenning

In 2004 Alison Fenning began exploring the back streets of Ipswich and befriending women involved in prostitution. She quickly became known as the Street Chaplain. She prayed with people who had addictions and provided genuine care. 

Soon she found herself sat in crack dens sharing communion and teaching the Bible to women on the street. She trained a small band of volunteers to help with the work. And friendships with the women began to grow. 

In 2006 this ministry to the red-light district was rocked by the Suffolk serial killings as five women were murdered, several of whom Alison had befriended. Since that time Alison has continued her friendships and introduced more women to Christ. The ministry developed and also helped men with addictions too. 

As people began to embrace faith in Jesus, they asked how they could live out faith against the background of their often troubled and sometimes chaotic lives. 

This book is a series of ‘letters’ that reflect conversations Alison has had about how to ‘do the God thing.’

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Break Free

Break free. 

Becoming free. 

Being free.

A helpful booklet on addictions widely used in prisons and on the streets.

Paperback - Price:
Single copy £1
10 copies £7
25 Copies £15


The Chronicles of Godfrey

- the secret history of Manchester and the whole world actually. 

by Don Egan

“I couldn't put it down!”

An allegory. Discover the secret origins of Manchester and the whole world. 

It all started on a hill near Oldham when a magic hermit named Godfrey decided to invent humans. 

Things didn’t go exactly as he hoped, due to a very unpleasant boggart who lived in Blackley. But aided by his son Jack and the mysterious Sophia, Godfrey hatches a plan to rescue the humans. 

Angels pop in for a brew most days apart from when Godfrey goes on holiday to North Wales.

“This book is superb. Very creative and a fantastic read. You will not be disappointed. One of the best books I've read in a while.”

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Searching for Home

- a journey of the soul

by Don Egan

“I have been transported back to the happy times of my childhood.”

In Searching for Home, Don Egan visits the street where he grew up and discovers that many things have disappeared or changed. As he reflects on his childhood, he explores the human longing to belong - to have a place we call home. But what if our home no longer exists?

Using childhood memoir, Don explores thoughts on life, community, God, tragedy, abandonment and girls, among other things.

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Healing is coming!

By Don Egan

A completely new book on healing through Christ. Answering many frequently asked questions and with prayers for healing and simple guide to being healed and praying for others.

With chapters on the roots of sickness, the source of healing, healing of the body, healing of the heart and healing of the soul, this new book explores the subject of Christian healing in detail - all in Don’s down to earth style.

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A word about you healing

By Don Egan

First written in 2001, this book explores what the Bible says about healing and has been used by many people to stir up their faith and see real improvements in their health.

Don shares his journey of learning about how to pray for healing and attacking sickness with faith-filled prayer.

This book has now been updated and is available in both Paperback and Kindle versions.

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Beautiful on the mountains

by Don Egan

The autobiography of Don Egan, founder of the RSVP Trust. When tragedy struck it looked like it was all over. But then an amazing opportunity opened up in Africa to transform thousands of lives. And so the RSVP Trust was born.

The book also tells of Don's search for miracles and how the blind received their sight as Don prayed for them. Told with a mixture of humour and gravity the story embraces scenes from Don's childhood in Manchester through to his encounter with the Rwandan genocide.

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Spiritual Detox

by Don Egan

Don Egan's book 'Spiritual Detox' looks at ways of freeing yourself from bitterness, anger, fear and other toxic attitudes. 

It's an excellent, thought provoking book on the inner-life.

Paperback only

Grief Encounter

by Don Egan & Hazel Egan

Is there life after grief? How can I ever find peace? Can life go on?

Don & Hazel Egan encountered grief when their son died about the same time as Don's parents both died prematurely.

In this helpful booklet they lead the reader through the process of grieving and point the way to finding hope for tomorrow and the way to find real lasting peace.

Paperback - Price £1

Rhythm of Life 

by Don Egan

Man's first day on earth was a day of rest. We were designed to work from rest, not rest from work.

Many people today are so exhausted that when rest finally comes, it doesn't refresh them and give them energy.

In this book, Don Egan shows how to establish our own rhythm of life that will restore our creativity and bring us peace. It will help us to achieve more with our lives yet feel more rested and peaceful.

Paperback - Price £1

LIFE: What's that about?

by Don Egan

LIFE what's that about? will give you the key to a life of purpose, peace and meaning. Discover that the key to life is a person - more books have been written about him than about anyone else.

A short explanation of the good news with a prayer of commitment.

Paperback - Price £1

Pack of 10 - Price £7

Pack of 20 - Price £11


CHRISTMAS : What's that about? 

by Don Egan

A fresh look at what happens every year as December approaches. Don Egan examines why we either love or hate Christmas and suggests we may be receiving three visitors this December.

Based on an idea by Mark Greenwood.

Paperback - Price £1

Pack of 10 - Price £7

Pack of 20 - Price £11

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