How it all began

After working on the staff in Anglican parishes for 11 years, Don Egan visited Third World poverty in The Philippines and Africa. He developed a vision for a new traveling ministry that would also help the poor, but finding no support in the church structures, he set up a Registered Charity with the help of a few friends.

The goodwill of 11 years of faithful ministry meant that there was a core of supporters who began to support the new venture from day one.

As his closest African friend returned to Rwanda after the 1994 genocide, Don committed to helping him rebuild life in Rwanda, initially through sponsoring children's education.

The work grew rapidly and eventually support caught up with the need.

In 2002, Alison Fenning joined the RSVP staff and pioneered the prison ministry and the ministry to women in the sex trade. Alison writes regularly on her blog about her spiritual life. 

What we do now

We help adults and children in Rwanda, Uganda, and the UK have a better life.

We do this through sponsoring education, medical care, feeding programs, our orphanage, clean water installations and sharing good news.

We also help people in the UK improve their lives - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We work with women involved in the sex trade both in the UK and Africa and provide exit strategies where possible.

We are also involved in training and mentoring others who are trying to pioneer similar projects.

Everyday we have opportunities to transform people’s lives, which is why we are always looking for friends to partner with us by investing in what we do through donations, prayer and giving of their time.

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