Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How much of my donation will help the child? 

 It's difficult to be exact as some children require more assistance than others and we operate across different currencies. 

However, we have calculated the following amounts based on decades of experience with the program: 

 74p of every pound of your sponsorship goes to care for the child: - this includes school fees, school meals, medical insurance, school uniform, shoes, additional food, books and pens, and a personal worker etc. 

16p goes to improve communities and help the poor: - food for starving people, bedding and mattresses, clean water installations, emergency relief. 

 10p goes on administration: - sending you letters from your child, keeping you informed, answering your questions, accounting, complying with charity law, bank charges, communications with Africa, etc. 

 Where sponsors give more than £24.00 a month, the surplus gift is designated for our general purposes.

2. Can I write to my child?

Yes. They will love to receive a letter from you. A photo of you will be treasured as well. Please read instructions for writing to you child. All letters to your sponsored child must be sent direct to our Rwanda Office. If you send them to the UK office, we will return them to you.

You should address them as follows:

The RSVP Trust
c/o ANLM, B P 3351

Please do not include your address or phone or number in correspondence to your sponsored child.

3. Can I send my child a gift?

Yes you can. A gift from you as sponsor will really make the day of your sponsored child.

Please do not send packages from the UK to your sponsored child. Many packages go missing in the post which causes disappointment and confusion. Also our staff are charged upto £10 per item to collect from the post office in Rwanda.

It is far better to choose a gift from our Gift page. These gifts are in stock in Rwanda office and will reach your child much faster and be suitable to their needs. 

4. Can I send a gift of money to my child?

You can, but any such gifts will be used to purchase one or more of the gifts on our gift page, as chosen by the child. 

Monetary gifts (ie: cheques) must be sent through the UK office - Please write your child reference number on the back of the cheque, payable to: ‘RSVP Trust’ and send to RSVP Trust, PO Box 55, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 1SA.

If you make a direct bank transfer or an online donation for a gift, please email us the date and amount and the child reference number so we can find it in our accounts.