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Daring to share your faith

Alison Fenning

I have been teaching sessions on evangelism for years as well as being a practitioner both in the Uk and overseas. After spending the last twenty years sharing my faith in various ways and teaching others this is an accumulation of the how too. Packed with lots of stories from over the years and thinking through how to begin something from nothing anyone who has a heart to have ta go can pick some inspiration up and run with it.

We are giving away this teaching series for free. However it would be great if could help us continue our work transforming lives in Africa and the Uk then please be free to make a donation here.

This ebook gives lots of pointers and tips with room for people to be creative with their own style. A practical and easy read, for all. I think it’s transferable across denominations as it leaves room for them to put their own details in the application should leaders feel to do so.

Michelle Smith

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Available in KIRUNDI Language here.

You can also watch this short video below which accompanies the ebook.