RSVP Trust improves the lives of lots of people in the UK and Africa.

We help many people - men, women, and children in Rwanda and Uganda have a better life.

We do this through sponsoring education, medical care, feeding programs, our orphanage, clean water installations and lots more.

We also help people in the UK improve their lives - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We work with women involved in the sex trade both in the UK and Africa and provide exit strategies where possible.

RSVP Trust has been improving lives in Africa, Asia and the UK since 1993. It became a Registered Charity in 1994 and was reformed into the current charity in 1998.

Don Egan founded the organisation and developed the work in the UK and Africa over the early years. This included creating a Child Sponsorship program, and building a school and an orphanage in Rwanda.

The ministry explored new ways of taking small donations and making a big difference in people’s lives.

Over a decade ago, Don was joined by Alison Fenning who has developed the work to improve the lives of people with addictions, and women in the sex trade.

She is also involved in training and mentoring others who are on the cutting edge.

Everyday we have opportunities to transform people’s lives, which is why we are always looking for friends to partner with us by investing in what we do through donations, prayer and giving of their time.