Child Sponsorship FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

How much of my £19.00 a month actually gets to the child?
74p of every pound of your sponsorship goes to care for the child:
- school fees, school meals, medical insurance, school uniform, shoes, additional food, books and pens etc.

16p goes to improve communities and help the poor:
- food for starving people, bedding and mattresses, clean water installations, emergency relief.

10p goes on administration:
- sending you letters from your child, keeping you informed, answering your questions, accounting, complying with charity law, bank charges, communications with Africa, etc.

Where sponsors give more than £19.00 a month, the surplus gift is designated for our general purposes.

What address should I use when I write to my child?
You may write to your sponsored child. All letters to your sponsored child must be sent direct to the Rwanda Office or Kenya Office depending on the location of your child. You should address them as follows:
(NOTE: Please do not write to your sponsored child before you receive confirmation of sponsorship as this will lead to confusion.)

The RSVP Trust
c/o ANLM
B P 3351

How do I send money for a birthday gift?
Send a cheque to RSVP’s UK office and write your child’s reference number on the back. We will send the gift with the next international payment which is sent monthly.

Can I send a package with a physical gift to my child?
We ask that sponsors do not send packages to their child. Many packages go missing in the post. The ones that reach Rwanda cost our staff up to a £10 charge when they are collected.
It is far better to purchase an appropriate gift from our range of gifts here…

Can RSVP take a present for my child when they travel to Africa?
No. Baggage space and weight is very restricted.