Breakout Bible School

Equipping People as Pioneering Missionary Leaders.

There is a need to equip people who would love to be practitioners of mission and trained in Biblical knowledge across the world for ministry. Many in the developing world are frustrated and unable to move forward for one reason or another; many would like training but are confined by poverty and have Churches, and families they cannot leave.

Alison Fenning has a vision to equip leaders around the world who will go on to equip others for the works they are called to’ connecting with the lost, preaching the gospel, making disciples and helping the poor.

From her experience after many years of mission travel many are struggling through lack of knowledge. The Bible School is one that will offer courses that are culturally relevant and where students can be equipped in their mission context; we will travel to the people to deliver the material. It will cause a “breakout” mentality with regards to mission and will empower the everyday person to be a missionary for the kingdom.

Mission Mindsets
Discipleship to Missionary
Mission practise
Old Testament overview
New Testament overview
How to interpret Scripture
Books of the Bible overview
Holy Spirit
Personal Development
Church Planting
Pastoral empowerment
Other courses will be added as relevant.