Community of St Anthony

Don Egan started this idea to help develop friendships in a group of scattered spiritual seekers he meets with individually from time to time.

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Don writes:

I believe in the power of cross-fertilisation of thoughts and conversation – the synergy of friends on the journey.

We meet for positive reasons of mutual encouragement, growth, friendship and spiritual exploration.

There is no particular creed in this community – we are friends on a journey, exploring spiritual truth.

Perhaps we have in common a dissatisfaction of the institution and hierarchical leadership.

We seek the mutual respect of each other and a belief that the Spirit of God moves through all of us in different ways.

We are not looking to start another institution but perhaps feel the common bond of fellow travellers on a similar journey.

We meet here and there, in ones and twos, now and then. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Fellow travellers are welcome.

You can follow our thoughts on the Community blog